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film recommendations

k, know this is not related to casablanca, but am recommendin two movies that kinda of tie into this area (or at least a tribute)

1. De-lovely- this just came out on DVD. for those that love the music of cole porter, you will not be disappointed. Everything from the musical numbers to the agin makeup that is done on Kevin Kline and Ashley Judd (who sings a lil, reminds of how Julie Andrews sings.) is "De-lovely" Why can't more movies be made like this? (Best scenes: Alanis Morisette singin and dancin to " Let's Fall in Love", Kevin Kline and co goofin around to " Be a Clown" and the closin number " Blow, Gabriel, Blow" )(4 Stars)

2. Singin Detective-ok, this one you will either love, hate, or be very confused. Robert Downey Jr. stars as Dan Dark, a writer that escapes in his detective story to hide from the pain of his skin disease and his painful past. The plot is so-so (actually I've never seen it all the way through), but fantasty "noir" sequences are good (Downey does a good job of channel Bogart when he is the detective. And I love the scene in the nightclub where the character is "singin" (it's lip-sychin, fact it 's all lip-synchin. errrrr, but it's some good tracks) to "Poison Ivy" ) Note: Stay around for the credits and try to figure out who finally SINGS. ( 2 and a half stars)
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